BrainJuicer - turning human understanding into business advantage.

We are the System 1 Agency

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BrainJuicer was founded in 1999 with one goal in mind: to re-invent market research.

Our Behavioural Economics approach is what drives clients to seek us out when the traditional methodologies have failed them, to facilitate change within their organizations and to turn true human understanding into business advantage.

We are the System 1 Agency

Our Mission

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"Market research at its best is mind expanding & profit enhancing. At worst, it's a 120 page insurance policy heavy on numbers, light on insight and usually dead on arrival. BrainJuicer's mission is to inspire brave clients to do great marketing by translating a generation of breakthroughs in psychology, behavioural economics and social sciences into Juicy tools that better understand & predict people's behaviour."

- John Kearon, Chief Juicer

  • Let's Re-invent Research [3:43 mins]Let's Re-invent Research [3:43 mins]

Who We Work With

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At BrainJuicer, we’re proud to be working with bold, forward-thinking clients who are as excited as we are about our groundbreaking new approaches to market research.

And because we see our clients as real people with real problems to solve, they see us as true partners in the work of attracting and retaining customers. That’s what has brought over 229 household name clients, including 16 of the world’s top 30 buyers of market research, to our Juicy innovations.

  • Making Research Relevant in the Boardroom [6:27 mins]Making Research Relevant in the Boardroom [6:27 mins]

The Paradox of Success

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We’re often asked the recipe of our innovative success. So, here it is.

The paradox of success is you need failure to achieve it. Failure is the essential ingredient that nobody talks about and everyone tries desperately to avoid. But as any inventor knows, great ideas are forged in the furnace of trial and error.

While the industry focussed on yet more consolidation, we have spent the last 14 years experimenting and inventing radically new research approaches & plan on continuing to do the same for the next 14 years.

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  • The Paradox of Success [12:38 mins]The Paradox of Success [12:38 mins]

Me-to-We Research

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In 2009, Me-to-We Research was the result of a collaboration with 'Herd' author, Mark Earls, translating his ideas into innovative new research tools.

We Research explores the potential for greater understanding & predictive accuracy by moving research from asking direct questions of unreliable witnesses to asking people what they notice, believe & predict about others.

Our ‘We Research’ techniques include Predictive Markets, DigiViduals® & JuicyBrains® Immersive Community.

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  • Me to We Masterclass with John Kearon and Mark Earls at ESOMAR Congress 2009 [26:04 mins]Me to We Masterclass with John Kearon and Mark Earls at ESOMAR Congress 2009 [26:04 mins]

Marketing Has Been the Death of Innovation

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When it comes to radical new category innovation, here’s a heretical notion: Marketing has been the death of innovation.

An unwitting consequence of the adoption of ‘Marketing Science’ by big companies is an inability to create the sort of innovations that made them big in the first place. These innovations now come almost exclusively from start-ups, driven by an inventive spirit and freed from the constraining influence of Marketing Science.

Read John Kearon's Market Leader article, "The Death of Innovation"

  • Game Changing Innovation [11:57 mins]Game Changing Innovation [11:57 mins]